5 Most Important Lessons I’ve Learned in Life

Accept Yourself for Who You Are

You’re unique and that is your power. Don’t ever let society pressure you into thinking you need to change yourself in order to fit in. Just be your wonderful self, there is ONLY ONE YOU! Embrace all your beautiful insecurities after all you’re only human, there is perfection in your imperfections.

Everything Happens for a Reason

When it comes to the negative situations in our lives, there’s always a lesson to be learnt from them. Whether that be going through breakups, family issues, drifting away from friends etc. A prime example: an ex keeps reappearing in your life? it may well be a test to see how mentally strong you are to not let them back in! ..especially if they were someone toxic. Your will power and inner strength is being tested here.

Happiness Depends on You

Don’t go looking for happiness in a relationship, that’s not what a relationship is about! You should want to grow together as individuals. The moment you start depending on your partner for happiness, is where it goes downhill in my opinion. YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY? because everyone in their lives deal with their own problems and issues. There will come a time that they too will be dealing with some things and wouldn’t be able to give you the happiness that you expect from them. The key is to create your own happiness from within. 

It’s Never Too Late

Growing up there is that stereotypical thing how by a certain age you’re meant to have a car, a degree, a successful career, a house, get married etc. AND THAT IS BS! There is no age limit as to when you want to do/achieve things in life. Some people get married in their 40s/50s that is perfectly fine! JUST DON’T PUT PRESSURE ON YOURSELF! You’re a work in progress.

Don’t Take Anything for Granted

There are people who are wishing for what you have already! As simple as just having shelter, having clean water to drink, having food, etc. Remember when you get annoyed about a small thing that isn’t going your way, just be grateful for what you do have. God forbid if you get into a situation where you become homeless, just imagine how much just simple things like having water, food, some spare change would make your day?! You have the basic necessities in life that some people don’t have, so don’t take that for granted ever.

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